[Premiere] Dj Clope – Princess Lusheeta

‘Sea of Clouds’ is a two-track debut EP by Dj Clope (CH). Its conceptual inspiration originates from the emotional resonance and universe of the movie “Castle in the Sky” by Hayao Miyazaki. Without falling into specific categories, it lives somewhere between ambient and dream trance.

The first track ‘Laputa’ aims to convey the energy of the crystal from the movie, which, when activated, possesses tremendous magical powers. Through a superposition of synthwave & trance leads layers, it creates a melancholic and transporting atmosphere reflecting the power of the crystal.

The second track ‘Princess Lusheeta’ creates an uplifting atmosphere beginning with a peaceful structure, resulting in a drumless drop driven by four layers of dreamy melodies. Vocals from when the character Pazu tries to save Sheeta from Colonel Muska can also be heard, as the track illustrates the suspense and emotional charge that reigns during this quest.

Dj Clope has been particularly active in the realization of highly-eclectic mixes, edits & mashups with the mission of bringing together antagonistic influences from ambient to hardcore music, and integrating elements of French rap. With this debut EP, his objective was to create a powerful and mighty atmosphere by creating large soundscape and layering of melancholic themes. The EP comes out via Sirens on the 12 of March.

Mixing/Mastering: Michele Sinatti

Artwork: XOF

Listen to Princess Lusheeta:

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