[Premiere] Glass – Skin Transfer

New video premiere for Glass‘s track “Skin Transfer” from their latest EP out for Comic Sans Records.

This is what Nina Orliange had to say about the video:
My work is essentially shaped by a documentary approach, I often start projects by meeting people and characters who pick my curiosity and interest me by their hobbies. My first short film focused on teenagers who all have pastimes in which they are invited to represent themselves, this is an important point in my work: my movies are about fiction.
This is what I wanted to recreate in the clip of Skin Transfer. Glass’s music is a playground for imagination and I wanted to restore this playground in the video. I like the idea that viewers imagine different stories and have multiple theories about what they’ve just seen.
As a teenager, I lived in similar suburbs where I used to imagine a lot of fictionnal stories, so the spot where the clip take place is a link to my own experience and my own imaginary. In the video, I like the idea that we don’t know anything about the characters. Although they are really stereotyped, It’s really hard to determine what are their goals. They’re going round in circles in this residential area which take the form of an arena.; they look at each others, they don’t know who they are dealing with. From very unsignificative elements, we can imagine a lot of things : the package, the staring, the guy in sportsuits… I think this is representative from Glass’s music : there is a lot of discreet elements, notes, effects, drums which feed the mind and seems to mean something in term of narration.

Buy the record at: https://comicsansrecords.bandcamp.com/album/anxiety-prime

Watch the official video for Skin Transfer:

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