[Premiere] Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – Goose Egg Dub feat. Swordman Kitala

JAC’ is a collaborative release by Shanghai based Gooooose and Berlin based DJ Scotch Egg. After meeting for the first time at Nyege Nyege Festival, Uganda, in 2019, SVBKVLT brought Scotch Egg to Shanghai for a one week studio session with Gooooose in Jan 2020, just a couple of weeks before Covid- 19 took hold. The result is JAC, a 6 track release, including a track with vocal samples from Swordman Kitala, recorded by Scotch Egg during his residency at the Nyege villa, plus remixes from Slikback and Seven Orbits & TSVI and artwork by Andy Rolfes. Very dengrouse!!

Pre-order at: https://svbkvlt.bandcamp.com/album/jac

Listen to Goose Egg Dub feat. Swordman Kitala:

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