[Premiere] Helenah – Futurism

Helenah - Helenah album art

Futurism is Helenah‘s fourth single from what will be MONTAGE‘s sixth outing. Released both on tape as digital, MNTG006 is the first of three albums Antwerp’s Martijn De Bondt will be releasing in the coming months. In all of these albums the focus is on experiments, or as he calls them “études”.

Helenah’s debut album is a very diverse album, through its 15 track length, with sounds ranging from kazoo-esque guitars to cut-up recordings of phone calls, while never losing track of his signature playful style. It is in this broadness that one can find beauty in Helenah’s work, we can transfer from one funny interlude with him talking about how big of a zit he had to a track which shows his softer side through him singing or playing the guitar. This album demonstrates Helenah as a talented and varied producer who is able to both make us laugh and cry in one single album, offering everything from prodigy era drum and bass through avant-garde sound design to phone calls of existential dread. Helanah’s tongue in cheek attitude is a welcome approach in the sometimes over-serious scenes of electronic and experimental music. There’s no black t-shirt business techno to be found on this record.

The whole album is funny, lighthearted, but also serious when it needs to be. It navigates light-heartedly through all aspects of life, showing us a human touch of both humour and mood.

Listen to Futurism:

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