[Premiere] J Sliwa – Believer

J Sliwa Eternal Now album cover

J Sliwa is a new player in the game. Birthed in the pre-dark times where digital ancestors fought to ascend the pain of the material world, they operate as shamanic messengers who are here to heal your wounds and guide you in the battle of transcending. Their weapons of choice are auditive fractal relics that will open up your mind and body to trust time and progress. Residing in Copenhagen, the duo creates highly energetic beats and alienating soundscapes that bears the message of sanguine tales of human life and its challenges. Their music explores all fringes of bass-related music, while also including elements of ambient, new-age and experimental music. “Believer” is one of the singles from “Eternal Now” their upcoming EP coming out for the Finnish label THRDEYEVSN on the 11th of October. Enjoy!

Listen to Believer:

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