[Premiere] J Sliwa – Light Gatherer

“Starseed Child” is the second release from the Copenhagen based duo J Sliwa consisting of artists lighyer and jjjacob. The EP is a new direction for the duo as it engages with a more dreamy and emotional expression of sound by means of including hyperpop melodies, reverbed autotune vocals and uncanny sound effects. This transformation in style was inspired by alien encounters, psychedelic journeys and the current situation we as humans stand in and before. The alienation and isolation brought on by the global pandemic inspired the duo to look inward and engage with their affective landscapes artistically, giving them hope and grounding in times of challenge and intense complexity.

This EP is the only release from the duo in the last two years since their debut EP on THRDEYEVSN “Eternal Now”, described as a melancholic dream trance excursion into the ecstatic europop and gothic dance of the 00s. Their debut EP “Eternal Now” received attention from media platforms such as Resident Advisor and AQNB, which led to bookings by crews Sutra Club (Belgrade) and Soul Feeder (Milan). Apart from this, the duo has recently made contributions to compilations from labels Rhizome, kepasaparadoks and katharsis.

“Starseed Child” will be released on the 22 of November through jjjacob’s label katharsis, including an exquisite video for the track “Angels of Love” made by the talented Morph-affiliated CGI-duo Organs named they like you.

Listen to Light Gatherer:

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