[Premiere] KhalilH20P – 100 Tears

Petrola 80 kickstarts 2020 with a compilation release packed with new music from a total of 11 artists. The compilation, titled “Expand“, will be out on March 20th on cassette tape, digital formats, and as a T-shirt, and will be the second volume in the “Embrace, Expand, Exchange” compilation trilogy originally planned by the label. While the first chapter “Embrace” released in 2018 mainly featured familiar faces in the Petrola 80 character gallery, the thought behind the sequel has been to ​expand ​the circle and release some nice tunes from artists that aren’t necessarily affiliated with the label directly but whose music stands close to the Petrola 80 DNA. The result is a diverse and multi-faceted 44-minute journey spanning all the way from Lighyer’s energetic and hard-hitting sound system banger to the electro-acoustic ambient of producer and sound designer Rasmus Juncker.

Melancholic ambient, bangers for your woozy late-night DJ set, mind-bending sonic experimentation and forward-facing alternative pop cuts – Petrola 80 lay it all down for you on March 20th 2020. Pre-order Expand here: http://petrola80.bandcamp.com/album/expand

Listen to the single by KhalilH20P off the compilation:

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