[Premiere] Knechtjong – NPC Love

NPC Love is the debut outing on Body Motion by Knechtjong, bringing together two central tenets of any visionary club EP; fantasy and hardcore.

Taking inspiration from Isekai, WoW, and fractal internet/tekno microgenres, the EP’s roaring tempos are underpinned by hopeful, melodic motifs and full emotional klub weight. Pre-order: https://knechtjong.bandcamp.com/album/npc-love

The titular ‘NPC Love’ leads us through the archetypal Isekai opening – gentle wonder and comfort in awakening synths, soon changing gears to charged gabber kicks and strained neotrance, light with the sprightly flute breakdown/refrain.

‘Beserk’ is darker – programmed harpsichord gives way to battle-ready surging rave tones, whipping the horde on without remorse. A tone-shift takes it from malevolent to gleeful chaos, packing the same punch and drive.

Listen to NPC Love:

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