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[Premiere] Lovefear – Wayang

The Lunar New Year brings Pneumatic’s first compilation release, Pneuma. Pneuma is the debut release from Perth based label Pneumatic. After curating a number of shows within Perth’s underground electronic music scene, Pneumatic enlists a roster of 10 compelling Australian artists with aim to celebrate and promote their creative aptitude. In collaboration with digital publication and local counterpart Contact Online, the compilation is based around concepts of astronomy and creative source; Pneuma meaning “the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person”. No matter where in Australia you might be, everyone sees the same stars. This concept was born from the world’s current inability to travel, whether it be interstate or within our own cities. Pneuma is the driving force that keeps the creative seed alive. Regardless of how troubled the world might feel, when one looks at the stars, all else falls away.

With visuals by Oli.svg [Valley Radio] and mastering by Ptwiggs [Eternal], Pneuma provides a captivating sonic experience brought by a lineup of artists seeking to express and enthral. Pre-Order Pneuma at:

Listen to the first single Wayang by Lovefear:

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Last modified: February 9, 2021