[Premiere] Ma Sha Ru — Mechanical Rustle

Calling on the ancient elemental forces of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth, Ayesha and Ma Sha Ru explore their “personal and energetic associations with these integral life forces” with a new EP, ‘Ether’.

On the A side, Ayesha delivers two tracks of unbridled power and energy. Having already established her biophilia as a driving force behind her music, she unhesitatingly stretches this affinity to its limits. Varanasi is uncanny in its depiction of fire, with its synthetic licks of flames and intoxicating rhythmic onslaught, and in its symbolic evocation of the Ganga Aarti rituals held in the Indian spiritual destination, Varanasi. She keeps it playful too, throwing in some “fiya” vox right from the hardcore playbook.
Downpour nails the elemental brief with frightening efficiency, conjuring “a cyclone, a destructive monsoon, a percussive storm” with each bounce and thwack of its modular stabs and pulsating basslines.

On the flip, Ma Sha Ru use a more industrialised lens to interpret these elemental forces. “Mechanical Rustle” takes a field recording of leaves blowing in the wind and twists it into a hulking dubstep automaton. Masha’s vocals, by now a hallmark of their tracks, a sinister guide through the murky depths.
‘Seismic Energy’ is glitchier and gristlier still, inviting us to imagine being swallowed by an earthquake. The track’s crescendo, and ensuing chaos, is a head-spinning dancefloor moment in the making.
With ‘Ether’, these artists’ individual strengths counterbalance and complement each other for an even more satisfying outcome. Something to delight adventurous dancers and DJs alike. Pre order Ether at Kindergarten Records’ Bandcamp.

Listen to Mechanical Rustle:

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