[Premiere] Max Dahlhaus – Artificial Prodigy (Born In Flamez Remix)

You can be a glitch if you want to be. Actually, you can be whatever you desire. This is the main idea behind Max Dahlhaus’ new EP Be A Glitch which, in his own words, is inspired by Sartre’s Existentialism Is a Humanism. The work reveals a connection to three key concepts in the French philosopher’s landmark essay: anguish, abandonment and despair.
These words could easily form a slogan for our times, and the moods they signify are all apparent throughout the four tracks on Be a Glitch. Dahlhaus crafts extraordinary sounds out of these gloomy feelings, blending straightforward rhythms with noises, glitches and overlapping melodies. Echoes of club music reverberate here too, but this is a work that offers something more complex and reflective than four-to-the-floor repetition.
Though Be A Glitch is an entire, cohesive work, it includes remixes from two of Dahlhaus’ favourite musicians, both of whom remodel his Artificial Prodigy into something completely different. London / Berlin-based Aquarian goes into breakbeat and drill-and-bass territory in his remix, while Berlin’s Born In Flamez takes the original and turns it into a post-pop groove. The result is as radical as Dahlhaus’ approach to working with sound.

Listen to Artificial Prodigy (Born In Flamez Remix):

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