[Premiere] Nahash – A Secret Christian Influence

Flowers of the Revolution is the new album from Nahash coming out for SVBKVLT on June 12. 7 original tracks, including a collaboration with Osheyack, plus remixes from Elvin Brandhi featuring Kanja from Duma, Gabber Modus Operandi and DJ Plead.

Nahash talking about the record said that “the album was written while researching and reading about the role that the US played in installing dictators in central and south America. The harsh and industrial sounds I used as a way to talk about what happens when the harsh reality of neo-liberalism takes over a country that could do very well without it. I was reading and watching documentaries about Haiti and Cuba and trying to imagine what those countries would be without any western influence. The ‘’flowers of the revolution’’ are the flowers that never grew, the fields that were burnt down, the plants that were trampled by boots.”

Pre-order the record HERE.

Listen to the second track from the album “A Secret Christian Influence”:

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