[Premiere] NUNU – Excellent

After a remarked contribution to the Vertige compilation last year, nunu makes his proper debut on the Abîme imprint with ‘1771’, a sharp yet tender record that manages to transcribe personal emotions in a beautifully orchestrated chaos.

Having previously demonstrated his ability to create distinctive sound-design-focused pieces, this record marks a new direction for nunu, as melodies and feelings now endorse the main role in his music, for a cavalcade of melancholy and emotional heights.

Seeking beauty in destruction, comfort in pain, and clarity in confusion, ‘1771’ reveals nunu as someone who’s used to dealing with very intense feelings. The carefully crafted, delicate melodies often evolves in cacophonic, emotionally overloaded momentums, as if, somehow, he was portraying himself overwhelmed by his own sensations.

‘What for’ is a perfect example of this, with its glorious chord progression supporting a vox motif that sounds like someone lamenting its pain through an alien vocoder. Its mournful cry eventually ends up in a dramatic, noisy impulse where melodies are crushed against each other and drowned under a staccato rhythm of industrial drums.

Listen to Excellent:

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