[Premiere] OHYUNG – Shenme Gui (ft. space meow doll, qing liberty)

Shenme Gui is the first single from American artist OHYUNG‘s upcoming album PROTECTOR out on the 8 of April on Chinabot. Eclectic and exuberant, the album rattles through genres while keeping true to OHYUNG’s utterly distinctive voice and enriched by numerous collaborations exploring gender and beauty in the Asian-American diaspora.

Peppered with jacked-up late-night DJ laser beams and explosions, PROTECTOR shifts into new grounds with every song. Opening with experimental noise gamelan, moving into pitch-shifted rap to screaming distorted punk. Anime themed songs and Korean pop meld with Soundcloud jungle beats; layers sampled from Italian opera and Taiwanese movies turn into hazy self-loathing incantations (“I hate myself”) and lullaby meditations on the afterlife: “Now that I close my eyes… the world I see is so beautiful.”
Pre-order the album HERE: https://chinabot.bandcamp.com/album/protector


Listen to Shenme Gui (ft. space meow doll, qing liberty) on our Soundcloud channel:

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