[Premiere] Queimada – Residuo

‘Myself/Other’ is the new EP from Queimada, the Valencia-based sound designer and artist Marco Colocci. After the well-received EP ‘Eremocene’ released by Gin & Platonic and the collaborative project ‘Tomorrow you said yesterday’ with Sabiwa, Queimada is ready to release his new EP ‘Myself/ Other’ out on Rest Now!.
Following his established musical aesthetic based on massive electroacoustic samples and granular synthesis practice, Queimada shaped a project that conceptually draws from the idea of Id and Es, decomposing himself into the musical process.
The electroacoustic features and the field recording ones melt together and subsequently shatter into a fragmented and brand new sonic architecture. Gigantic structures collapse under the pounding clashes of the kick. Simultaneously, granular particles create a stream of synthetic harmonies, the whole supported by the distant memory of an organised beat sequence.
The concept’s duality recreates itself in the ontological aspects of the sonic material used in the EP’s compositional process and results in a unique structure that alternates harsh deflagrations and eerie events.

Listen to Residuo:

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