[Premiere] Ragazza XXI – Ándate ya, cariño

Ragazza XXI presents on Promesses his debut album: ‘La Flor de Jimulco’. For this release the Mexican (France-based) artist goes back to his drummer roots where rhythms and percussion take a central place. One of the main goals of this album was to explore polyrhythms and syncopation with non-euro-centric influences as a way to dig into his latin american identity. The result is 9 mental club bullets somewhere between tribal guarachero, dembow, cumbia, baile funk, kuduro and tarraxo. ‘Los ríos tienen memoria’ contains field recordings from French artist Lamina. Ragazza XXI debut album will be available the 7th of May in digital and limited edition cassettes.

Listen to Ándate ya, cariño:

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