[Premiere] RATTLESNAKKE – Navajas (prod. EL PLVYBXY)

Resiliencia means resilience in Spanish, and it is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. This is the main concept surrounding RATTLESNAKKE‘s new EP and it has always been connected to her and her music. The work on this release has been going on for a whole year, starting in June 2019 and finishing in May 2020. Lots of things happened in the middle and some of the ideas on the EP were born on a long trip where she brought her computer and took advantage of her free time to make music. Another crucial thing that happened is of course the COVID-19 pandemic which complicated the entire process a lot. The current worlwide situation got her thinking and made her come up with the name resilience reminding all of us how important it is to be resilient especially in hard times like these.

“Navajas” means penknives in spanish and it’s the last track to come to birth for the EP and it is produced by EL PLVYBXY. It was made during the quarantine and through it’s metallic sounds it builds up an astonishing dark atmosphere. The lyrics reflect on all the injustice and violence perpetrated by the police worldwide  and sings “They wanna kill me, they wanna stop me” in spanish.

Listen to “Navajas”:

Soul Feeder · [Premiere] RATTLESNAKKE – Navajas (Prod. EL PLVYBXY)


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