[Premiere] recovery girl & diana starshine – it’s love

recovery girl and diana starshine team up against evil exes and sexual abuse with a sick, sinister pop song covered in glitter. With its energetic and glistening chorus, the lyrics question a relationship based on drug use and sexual coercion, as well as the disillusionment of a partner in denial of their abuse. The beat evokes a high energy party atmosphere, with obtrusive synth stabs and powerful kicks, while the hard edge of galen’s production matches the lyrical focus on the dark side of drugs and partying in relationships. It’s the first we’ve heard recovery girl in a duet, and the chemistry between her & diana starshine will have you saying… it’s love ♡ (but I think that it’s not).

Stream the track here: https://smarturl.it/recovery-diana-love

Listen to it’s love:

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