[Premiere] ROGERGOON – Lucent Legs (EGRU003)

We are proud to present Egregore Team‘s upcoming VA “Magnus Opus” compilation coming out on the 4th of March with a splendid track by Rogergoon. A compact four-track work also featuring Lukann, Basile3 and Göliath.

After two heavy and dark releases, the team has moved to a more atmospheric and ethereal sound featuring 4 producers who have heavily affected their ears with “smooth and organic productions” coming from the four corners of France. All tracks reveal their facets from black to red or from white to yellow and artists mutually turn into alchemical masters to lead us sensibly to the conciliation of Soul, Body and Spirit.

This path begins with Lukann and the calcination of base materials in his crucible, then Rogergoon relays for the bleaching of the mixture obtained. Then comes the time of purification of Opus; Sublimation administered by Basile3. Finally, Göliath is responsible for magnifying by Incandescence the product of previous transformations. We are happy to hand over to you the second step of this trip, enjoy!

Tracklist :

Lukann – Carbon Tears
Rogergoon – Lucent Legs
Basile3 – Quel Temps Pour Etre Vivant
Göliath – Hard Failure

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