[Premiere] RougeHotel – See Visions (feat. Faacil2000)

RougeHotel album cover

Mattia RougeHotel is an incredibly talented 19 years old Swiss producer/DJ with a particular interest in music made through computer technologies. He loves to break the contemporary rules of music production and his vision is a blend of emotional melodies, fantastic horns, deep pads & experimental drums. This project is inspired by things like the videogame Skyrim, hardcore/style music, deconstructed club music & surround FX. His stunning track See Visions featuring Faacil2000 is the second single from his highly anticipated upcoming EP “Emotional Ravers & Dreamers” out for Stranacorpus on the 13th of December and we’re sure it will immediately make you fall in love thanks to its extraordinarily unique atmosphere and transporting melodies. Enjoy!

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