[Premiere] seba – this is how i became your dog

Seba is a French artist based in Berlin. First and foremost a fashion designer, Seba experimented with various media to channel its thoughts and artistic vision.
Its taste for aesthetics, fashion and people led it to craft its own universe – at once pop, nostalgic, queer and versatile.

Relocating to Berlin a few years back, Seba began collaborating with producer Dexter Francis Mason to crystallize its musical aspirations.

Its first single « this is how i became your dog » out for Acna Rusd explores ultra-dependency in a relationship, metaphorically transposed into becoming a dog, indulging in its submission.

The video, created by visual artist, producer and DJ Rolands Lauth, translates the song’s theme into a glossy, sci-fi fantasy.

Seba will release more music and visuals this year before the release of its first EP, scheduled at the end of 2020.

Watch “this is how i became your dog”‘s video:

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