[Premiere] Sébastien Forrester – Ensnarement

Ensnarement is the second single from Sébastien Forrester’s upcoming EP “Rapture” coming out for Afraa Productions on the 8th of November. A track characterized by an insanely unique synth and bouncy rhythm that make it simply irresistible.

Another orchid and a fresh new step in the French producer’s attempts at getting closer to the club, ‘Rapture’ results from a busy period of fierce experiments over the summer. Drawing from ritual drums and French rap – in particular rap originating from his native 91 district in the southern suburb of Paris -, heavily rooted in the local club underground, it showcases the musician’s ability to play with negative space and inventive rhythmic palettes. He mentions the Neptunes’ most radical productions, the rawest iterations of gqom and musique concrète among his current main references. The cover is part of a series of artworks showing orchids in shiny, aggressive hues, aiming to present the flower as a symbol of fruitfulness and growth, a glowing totem in opposition with a social context rooted in doubt, trouble and conflict.

Listen to Ensnarement:

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