[Premiere] Sprælle – Interwined

CRUSH UP is the debut EP by 23-year-old Montreal-based French musician Nathan Germain aka Sprælle (pronounced Sprah-lé) out for xenonyms.

If you’ve ever played the oft overlooked 1994 SNES classic Wolverine: Adamantium Rage you know that the true pearl of the endeavor is its heavy, low res proto garage soundtrack. Its swinging low end and forced staccato melodies gel into an undeniably groovy and danceable OST that transcends the confines of its intended function. Spraelle’s CRUSH UP EP stomps along in much the same spiritual space, in a beautiful hi fi du jour.

The moss of reverb intact, Intertwined raises in intensity from a predawn glow into an overexposed and harsh space, one which threatens to fall apart with each eroded drum hit as it is smashed in and quickly sucked out again. A vision of tearing metal on metal, experienced in infrared, rapid overpowering of federal forces as they meet with a newly freed and unstoppable para-human entity of their own engineering.

Nathan is originally from the northwest of France, where he’s spent most of his life before relocating to North America in 2017, he has since then been splitting his time between New York City, Austin, Texas, and Montreal, where he is now based. He started producing under the name Sprælle since late 2019 making viscerally emotive music, composing a thriving mixture of experimental electronics blended with a deep appreciation for emerging club music. 

Influenced by London’s deep techno to Mexico City’s underground club scene, his compositions are a concoction of diverse genres. Liking his beats harsh, broken, and merged with ethereal strings layers that are obsessively stretched into sonic dance-floor-like liberation, Sprælle defends complex nonetheless pure experimental pop tracks. In addition to producing, he also hosts a monthly radio show on N10.as from Montreal, giving the listeners a mix with an assortment of promising artists that reflect his sundry taste. 

Having been featured on Ciudad Juarez collective Lowers’ High and Low Vol. 4 compilation with a track named ‘Indice Violet,’ this past February, he will release his debut EP ‘CRUSH UP’ later this year, a result of the cold, isolating winter months he spent in Montreal. 


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