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[Premiere] Sueuga – Revelación Diecisiete

Born out of the necessity of artistic expression in the process of removing herself from an abusive relationship, Tóxic@ began with a series of poems, ramblings, and written expressions of emotion. The project was composed by Sueuga in London during the summer of 2022. With a 2022 release and a Boiler Room SYSTEM Mix under her belt, fans of Sueuga will be looking forward to getting their ears on this emotionally dysfunctional club project, set for release on Endgame’s label- Precious Metals.

Desiring to make a project that felt emotional and personal to her experience, Sueuga chose to include lyrics that came from her intimate inner thoughts, “I felt words were the best way to do this rather than purely instrumental music, so I used my own notes and poems, which I had friends read and record.

Lyrics are woven together through noisescapes of wild distortion and frenetic energy at blistering tempos, eloquently portraying a full span of the artist’s response to her relationship.

Tóxic@ documents a chronological music journey through the culmination of Sueuga’s relationship – from a call for help with Puedo Convertirme En Ti, to frustration with Toxic@, to clarity and salvation with Transmutación and the project’s epilogue Lo Único Prometido.

While often opaque, the project tracks angst that comes from a place of hopelessness and social isolation, a project that provides as much sonic enjoyment as it does emotional consideration.

Listen to Revelación Diecisiete by Sueuga:

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Last modified: May 13, 2023