[Premiere] TK-33 – Shy

“The release tells about one cycle of reincarnation from a man to a dolphin – about the edge where agony overflows with bliss between the state of life and death” – this preface accompanies the album “SOUL” by an anonymous musician from Odesa with a laconic stage name TK-33.

A conversation about life, soul, death and immortality is impossible without a discussion about what a person is: can he remain a person without a physical body? Death serves as an occasion to speak and write music about what really excites us – that is, about life. One of the most unexpected tracks from the album “LIVE” directly declares and asks the listener: “I want to live. And you?”

Starting with the names of the tracks – “DAMAGE”, “DIE”, “LIVE”, the album “SOUL” dictates its complex worldview sound, which is a luxurious mix of futuristic electro and jungle. The release is filled with amen-breaks and acid-synthetic structures mixed with powerful bass and slightly eerie vocal samples.

Can you be considered a cyborg person? A musician? Perhaps these questions can be answered by going through a spiritual reincarnation journey full of various sound textures through sparkling jungle and breakbeat soundcapes.

Listen to Shy:

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