[Premiere] Train To Eltanin – Bambam

Kindergarten Records returns with a VA full of depraved glamour and malicious intent, welcoming back Drummy and Despina with a pair of unholy club-movers ready to put the fear into any dance, while Italian duo Train to Eltanin make their first appearance on the label with a mangled stomper that splutters with chaotic energy. As for Ma Sha Ru, Taiga is the most accomplished use of Masha’s vocals to date, cocooning them in a tempestuous barrage of pulsating bass and a swirling, kinetic drive.

Newcomers Train to Eltanin are co-founders of the Cyberspeak Collective in Milan. Just in their early 20s, their contribution, Bambam speaks to a prodigious talent, taking a starting point almost reminiscent of 90s big beat before ripping it to shreds immediately, squeezing every ounce of freakiness from it’s bizarre vocal snippet and contorting the track beyond any recognition.

Train to Eltanin is a Milan-based duo consisting of Leone, a Visual Art student coming from a small town in Umbria and Giuseppe, a Musical Computing student coming from Gela, in Sicily. This duo ranges from heavy slow rhythms to the fasten broken beats, both in production and live sets, in which they demonstrate their confidence with complex drum programming and brainy melodies erupting from a wave of detailed ambiences. Pre-order Fluo I HERE.

Listen to BamBam:

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