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[Premiere] Tristan – Hear You ft. whiterose

Tristan Chyo album artwork

Hear You is the first single from ‘Chyo’, the debut EP on Rest Now! by Tristan, the French multidisciplinary artist Tristan Brundler, featuring whiterose, another of France’s most gifted producers from the current underground scene. Tristan makes music like he sculpts: by shaping voices, empty landscapes, organic forms, melting plastic and vegetals to create spaces and dimensions to walk in.

It goes through stages of recovery, deconstruction, reassembly and fusion of sound materials. Tristan’s music meets his sculptural desire: the creation of places, atmospheres and poetry. Swaying between electronic violence and mental sweetness, between ambient, club and neo-trap influences, Tristan tries to move forward in the construction of his psychological projection space.

‘Chyo’ is a poetic area of future inquiries. During the production, Tristan worked with the artists Migu and whiterose for the vocal parts. Tristan describes ‘Chyo’ as if everything is falling out, and “I do not understand what I’m doing here, what is the sense of my presence in this environment.”

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Last modified: October 21, 2019