[Video Premiere] Adios Adios – Spring Out

For All To Eat’ (F.A.T.E) emerges from the friendly relationship of ambient and electronic music between Valencia, Madrid and Portugal. It was produced between the months prior to and during quarantine. Since the beginning, F.A.T.E had the concern to grasp the spiritual conflict caused by the overwhelming appetite for destruction of our world. Its sounds and melodies hear this disintegration condition not in search of the spectacular but of glimpses of anonymous beauty. Technological and war sounds are abruptly combined with sounds related to nature, rites and singing. You can buy F.A.T.E. from Midlife’s bandcamp page: https://mm000.bandcamp.com/album/for-all-to-eat

Spring Out’, the first song on the EP, has the character of something emerging. In Irene’s video, this outpouring appears as a struggle between light and vision. Light wants to be seen completely and in such an attempt blinds the one who looks at it, giving birth to a particular battle: the battle against the day of an invisible sun. It traces the path of the ominous in nature, not from a nostalgic perspective, but from the attempt to stare at its terrible beauty.

Also there’s Ida Madrigal’s artistic work. She’s woven a tapestry on her grandmother’s forge dated from 1943. It was one of the few remaining things from her grandmother’s old house when it was demolished. The tapestry depicts terrestrial, marine and flying animals living in a sort of inverted garden.


Adios Adios, (Fabio García García, Musician and Producer of F.A.T.E (For All to Eat))
Video, Irene Santiago Izard, (@amor.amor.amor.a.m.o.r)
Cover Artwork, Ida Madrigal (@vacllari)
Design, @rogergoon_

Music Label, Midlife Music (@midlife_music)

Spring Out Official Video:

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