Raime – Planted review

Published on their label RR, Planted is the second Raime EP released on the aforementioned label after We Cannot Be So Far From The Beginning. The four new compositions, poised between dancefloor and darkness, are characterized by a mix of Latin sound and footwork, jungle and afrobeat, all in HD, imbued with speculative feelings and shapeshifting constantly over the whole hardcore continuum.

The EP is short but extremely substantial. Every track (the average length is six/seven minutes) gives the impression of reaching out to the infinite in, forgive the oxymoron, a non-repetitive and evolving loop. While listening to Planted it is hard to say if the track is at its begging, heart, end or it’s even started the next song. Every bar produced by Raime has this thick, high quality that makes it precious to the point that you could loop it and turn it into a stand alone-track.

The first track “Num” states immediately how Raime evolved for the introspective gloom of We Can’t Be That Far From The Beginning towards more dancefloor-oriented fare. “Ripli”, despite a minimalistic soul, is an aggressive track that frontally attacks the brain thanks to the neurotic alchemy of the persisting drums and shrill synth. Speaking of alchemy, it is unbelievable how the London based duo is so able to mix music ingredients like two warlocks. “Kella” is a sort of suave potion in which delicious hardcore sounds are hidden and served. “Belly” closes proceedings, pre-empting the comedown with its melancholic notes – the overall vibe something akin to an old Bukem‘s tune deconstructed and shot with blasts of old hardcore vox samples.


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Raime – Planted review

Published on their label RR, Planted is the second Raime EP released...
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