ˆL_ – Hello, I’m Richard Clayderman [Ambient Techno] Song Review


The track begins, a suspended halo of bells and echoes surrounds the percussion that strides unrelenting. In this set, drums and synths take the lead, turning the dreamy mood into an intense journey of sensations and discovery. The video by Max Luz (maybe Moderat and Evvol will tell you something) gives a visual dimension to the tune: it projects us into a non-defined environment, lacking of any physical boundary, where the dynamics of the relationship of two individuals take place, evolving with the song and resulting in psychedelic transitions between violent and erotic.
In this scenario, the reference in the title to the french pianist seems slightly ironical, during these 7 minutes you will find nothing of the catchy tunes of Clayderman to grab on.
In his new song, ^L_ describes a unique stream that advances, grows, and takes a breath only to resume stronger, submerged in a blanket of suffused voices and emotions.


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