Witnesses of Noise – Sleazy Brain Song Review

Nowadays industrial sounds are playing an increasingly dominant role among the huge number of productions that come out daily and one of the most common tendencies is the blending of UK Bass together with post-industrial. Electronic music and ambient are reaching their peak through powerful noise sounds and harsh productions. The experimental project Witnesses of Noise based in Turin and composed by Antonio Caputo and Fabrizio Audo Gianotti bases its own style exactly in this direction, in search of new sounds and following their love for industrial and progressive electronic music.

Sleazy Brain in slightly less than five minutes is capable with its amazing sonic progression to open us a world of influences and sounds that bring the listener to a completely unexplored world. The intermittence of the rhythmic section and the unexpected powerful clap shots manage to keep the attention extremely high overcoming the strong but static bass sound at all time. In a moment in modern music history where producers are looking obsessively at the future without reaching a common base or scene, this track manages to demonstrate us once again how important it is to rebuild the world of experimentation starting from past sounds and tendencies. This said, the real power of the track is not in the stratification of the structure but in the new sound that the duo was capable to mould. The final result is remarkable and fresh, enriched and empowered by a strong tradition of industrial music. Sleazy Brain comes from Witnesses of Noise‘s new EP with the same name, which you can listen to it below. 



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