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Abbey Monastery by Kenta204

The general aim of Kenta204‘s latest EP is to explore a more eclectic side of his club production incorporating elements of hyperpop, internet club, cinematic composition and moody emotional melodic aspects. The overall EP was created and ordered to be a 5 track experience from start to finish as a journey. The story behind the name “Abbey Monastery” was born from Kenta204’s fascination towards the idea of a religious structure called a “monastery” run by monks who are then confined to writing religious scripture, in a room a “Scriptoria”. Kenta204 based a lot of themes in the EP around medieval and religious aspects as he felt that it somewhat help me visualize the concepts within the EP.

A lot of the work became a reflection of his time being locked in his room during covid as he had a lot of time to reflect and work on music, often going through intense swings of emotion and using writing music as a form of escapism. Most of these ideas had been started and all came in fruition during it.

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Last modified: June 22, 2021