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Blood of Aza – Beneath Wings

After a series of self-released post-club edits and singles, the Surrey-based prodigy Blood of Aza lands on Soul Feeder with her anticipated debut EP, “Beneath Wings”. Here Aza explores the more ethereal side of her abrasive sonic palette, experimenting with trance music, ambient and orchestral tropes.
This leads to a quite diversified body of work, with each track being a sonic experience of its own: if the battling opener “Barreleye” is a dramatic explosion of energy, featuring a heavy, foley-based sound design, “Wing” is a tension-building ambient suite inspired by the tale of Icarus. Nonetheless, “Beneath Wings” never feels disjointed, like a book of fairytales collected under a common theme, always casting in the mind of the listener the idea of delicate beauty on the brink of destruction.

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Last modified: February 22, 2023