EXIT LIFE by t0ni

Almost two years after t0ni’s last EP “Fake it or Make it”, Soul Feeder’s founding member is back with a heartbreaking ten-track release in which he explores in depth his idea of “drumless emotional music”.
As this definition could be used to describe all of the tracks of “EXIT LIFE”, each one of them develops the multiple possibilities offered by a creative approach that privileges elaborate, pop-looping melodies, re-pitched vocal chops and refined sound design. In fact, t0ni’s sound palette has never been richer and more capable to embody different emotions: from the gloomy nostalgia of “grudge bite”, to the abrasive yet immobile anger of “Stay Cute”, to the numbing, lush pads of “2020”, “EXIT LIFE” is an episodic narration of t0ni’s restless inner life.

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