33EMYBW – Arthropods Review

33EMYBW Arthropods album cover

Arthropods is the second chapter of the Shanghai-based artist 33EMYBW and it draws from state-of-the-art deconstructed club as well as IDM and even tribal music. By virtue of her forward-looking eye, she is surely one of the most over-the-top artists of the whole SVBKVLT roster and here she definitely lives up to her name.

As stated by the label while presenting the album, “Arthropods is the alienation form of GOLEM, and there is a soul in each metamere. They can upload, download, and link to each other”. The arthropod, which structure is extremely versatile, can adapt to different ways of life. It is provided with a different soul in every metamere of the body and as personalities are ever-changing and humans are forced to adapt.

33EMYBW’s last effort calls for a long string of suggestions. As multi-layered as substantial, different souls breathe within the album: it opens with liquid and ethereal sounds that resemble a birth and/or a mutation (clay golem, for the note) while awareness comes with “Tentacle Centre”, a tangible recall to the external world. We have a cornucopia of metallic cymbaling, synth resembling animal-like sounds. The vibration of a soul in ever-changing movement,  aware of where it comes from but not of where it’s heading to, looking for itself and never still. The inner world of GOLEM opens up, brokenly looking for the outer (or other?) one and displaying how the two pieces are connected. And the three remixes (by Hakuna Kulala’s Don Zilla, Hyperdub’s Ikonika and NAAFI’s Lechuga Zafiro), add more of a club vibe to this already thrilling listening experience.

Therefore Arthropods is a relevant album not just for 33EMYBW and for SVBKVLT but also for the modern cutting-edge club scene itself which often looks at China as a point of reference. Cinematic and forward-thinking the record promotes its own alternative dimension which is both alien and bottomless. A validation of the extreme sonic and hi-tech visual imaginary pursued by the label.

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