Absurd TRAX – pɹnsqɐ Review

absurd trax absurd album artwork

Giving the nature of our whole collective it was impossible for us to ignore Absurd TRAX’s latest remix compilation, a project that we so deeply admire and respect on every level. The label has been around for only three years but already feels like a pillar of the underground scene and definitely a fundamental piece of the puzzle in order to understand the sound of what’s coming out of China (specifically Hong Kong) and Asia at the moment. Most labels or collectives usually wait 5 or 10 years to celebrate their achievements but having already so many successful and seminal releases like Kelvin T’s Unlock Voice, Alexmalism’s TKO, ASJ’s The Road to Become One and many others under their belt it feels totally natural for them to revisit their remarkable catalogue.

In the age of EPs, singles and generally extremely short releases a 25-tracks-long compilation might scare most listeners. But there is is absolutely no reason to be afraid here. We are not dealing with one of those extremely long and unappealing compilations that too often come out on the underground digital market. pɹnsqɐ is everything but boring, jumping around in genres, sounds and different music approaches but still maintaining an extremely strong identity shaped by the memorable synths and the punchy drum beats of the original tracks. A couple of tracks like Mansa’s remix of ASJ’s track “Dreams” or KIKI‘s unique guitar-driven remix of ANNA‘s “未返工壞iphone” also add a real funky and dancey vibe to the whole release giving it a 360-degree spectrum of emotions and making it a hell of a ride for the listener.

The whole compilation is available for free and it will be no surprise to hear many of these tunes played at shows around the world or featured in the mixes of some of our favourite artists. Many of the names behind the remixes strike out immediately as being some of the most interesting and followed names of the underground like Piano Princess(aka bod [包家巷]), ptwiggs, Wa?ste, Matt Tecson, WRACK, Thegn, Sonia Calico or Jaeho Hwang making the compilation even more appealing.

What makes the whole work so cohesive is the overall quality and the ability of putting all artists on the same level. pɹnsqɐ is not only an amazing music release but also serves as a unique spotlight for lesser know producers. We’re confident that after listening to it you’ll find yourself cruising on Soundcloud for days in search for more music by all the featured names: the perfect chance to dive into the real underground.

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