adammmmmmmmmmmm – ok im real i think Review

ok im real i think by adammmmmmmmmmmm is out for Genot Centre, the Prague-based label and community whose roster includes such names as HDMIRROR and Fausto Mercier. Also, shoutout to Galen Tipton for their amazing visual contribution to the project: the artwork is not only sick on its own, but perfectly in line with the album’s mood.

The nine-track-work as a whole is a thick commixture of blasting hard-dance and fine trance trends, all centrifuged together to reach a sort of kinetic balance kept steady by the constant kick-drum energy, as on “NOTHING”, probably the most representative track in this sense.

What’s even better about ok im real i think is the choice of the vocal samples, hopping from one genre to another, all pitched and sped up; a very sentimental leaning emerges with the pop-punk reminiscences on “feeling a moment” or the emo-rap verses matched with some zippy trap rolls on “wingdingzsymbol”. Big pop surprises abound too; Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” functions very well against “th3garden”’s solid club tendencies.

adammmmmmmmmmmm’s second full length album meets both the musical and social needs of the contemporary listener. It’s able to explore a significant range of the infinite possibilities of sound experimentation while keeping the tone engaging and enjoyable. Genot Centre continue to work on an inclusive artistic reality, not only in their own collective, but also and above all on a larger scale.

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