Boy Harsher – Country Girl Uncut Review

Country Girl Uncut album cover

Currently among the heavyweights champions of the late 10’s coldwave, Northampton, Massachusetts’ duo Boy Harsher is back for the second time this year, after their acclaimed full-length Careful. We are talking about Country Girl Uncut, published via Nudeclub September, 3. A successful expansion of their 2017’s Country Girl EP: three new tracks and a heartfelt b&w music video for “Send Me a Vision” give way to the EP to be articulated, with hindsight, more and more.

Disheartening and emotional, Country Girl Uncut aims at a more cohesive sound. Even if the sound itself is pretty derivative, as soon as “Motion” starts you know the dancefloor is about to get steamy and dreamy with the band delivering, without any hesitation, solid music for thirty minutes straight. Availing of touching, suffocated vocals and dry synths that remind both of TR/ST and old school, aseptic minimal wave, it is a dark cathartic experience lead by seductive beats.

The band is known for working with what circumstances can offer and this probably contributes to their algid approach. Jae Matthews’ voice reveals the languid mist of a lifeless voice, while Augustus Muller developes hypnotic soundscapes. Less meek than Careful, more skeletal and immersive, despite not sailing through waters unknown, it still delivers and feels even more urgent during their live sets.  Surely one of their best releases and recommended if in the mood for dancing low key vehemently.

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