Brian Eno: Reflection Album Review




After many many years of production, there are very few artists who manage to overcome new musical styles and stay afloat with the ideas of their own generation. Brian Eno is one of them. For him time is not only something that doesn’t directly influence his style but is also, in someway, the strongest part of his own productions. As he said: “My original intention with Ambient music was to make endless music, music that would be there as long as you wanted it to be.”

Despite this kind of music has moved towards a more aggressive use of synths and a greater involvement of the rhythmic section, the inventor of ambient music has showed us once again how his ideas are still clear and solid with “The Ship” and even more with this new record. “Reflection” brings an air of freshness from a midsummer chilly morning in the countryside, where thoughts are lost in the vastness of the surrounding: the scenery is always the same, but emotions are a never-lived experience. The progression of the track is made by the building up of the same limpid sounds over and over for the entire 54 minutes of the one “song” (is it even a song?) on the album, its the different use of the delay and reverbs that plows different scenarios. Unlike “The Ship” the pattern of colours has changed with longer but clearer waves and more tidy echoes. The total absence of human voices moves the narrative to a third person story, where the subject is no longer man itself, as in “The Ship”, but everything that surrounds him (perhaps its reflection). Nature and whatever comes together with it interacts with the listener and finally transforms him. As you press play you start ‘like sitting by a river’ and you gradually find yourself in imaginary landscapes, connection between the “Upside Down”. Every limit and certainty is lost, up to your own existence: you can be dead or alive, everything flows uninterruptedly.

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