Burial – Young Death Album Review

An inner experiment


 May 28, 2017



Three years have passed since 2013’s “Rival Dealer”, and since then Burial only released one track in collaboration with Zomby. Once again he hasn’t failed in reproposing his extremely nineties/rave party/pirate radio sound in an ever-new perspective, managing to evolve them so well as to mask their influence.

With “Young Death”, the London-based producer travels new frontiers for the very first time, catching genres and styles far beyond the period that gave birth to dubstep. The influence of the ’90s survives especially moving forward towards the final part of the eponymous track. By sampling the sounds of “Teardrop” by Massive Attack and slowing the pace, Burial brings out the dub vein that powers most dubstep productions.

This 12″ offers something new even in comparison with William’s previous productions even though from the very first seconds nothing of “Young Death” nothing seems changed. A cracking sound, typical of old worn out vinyl records, is repeated in a loop through both tracks, emphasizing the retro style of this Single. Most of the time drums are completely absent and the rhythm is punctuated only by rumbling bass loops, recalling the rhythm of techno music. The track body is enriched by classic Burial style ghost voices and bells, similarly to the ones used in “Wolf Club” produced together with Four Tet, moving towards a more ambient sounding dubstep style. In “Nightmarket” the job is even more interesting, Burial brings us in the 80s, wiping out drums. The predominant element is made up starting from synthetic sounds proposed in a modern synthwave key, distantly recalling something like Kavinky’s “Nightcall”, which are replaced intermittently by static sampled sounds that convey stillness in a hard ambient music way.

“Young Death” is an inner experiment, a personal evolution beyond imaginable boundaries, as the vastness of music. Burial wants to underline this sensation through a tribute to ’70s and ’80s underground music, a decade earlier the arrival of dubstep and its very first ancestors music. This Single is not an unsuccessful experiment it’s a position statement.

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