Carla dal Forno – Look Up Sharp Review

Carla Dal Forno album review

What we have here today is a “whoever says modern music sucks obviously isn’t looking hard enough” type of album. Actress of a very special dream pop that refuses boundaries,  Carla dal Forno’s sound often ends up being fascinating even for people who don’t usually wander around these steamy soundscapes. 

Affected by the relocation to London, in her new album, Look Up Sharp, released via Kallista Record (her band new label), she dwells deep into the fear and resentment we can experience in a relationship as well as into the emotional void it could lead up to. 

While to describe her charming You Know What It’s Like adjectives as ‘foggy’, ‘ambient minimal’ and ‘ear-provoking’ were used, this new effort ends up being more primitive, intriguing and grounded. Class and innate sense of connection go hand in hand with an emotive growth developed with passion.

The album, as a whole, gravitates towards Carla’s delightful and lonely voice and skeletal, haunting bass-lines that openly pay homage to Seventeen Seconds-era’s The Cure. It is a meditative and introspective expression, calibrated with a slow, trance-inducing pace. From the first half all the way through the second, everything seems to be whispered in a gentle yet urgent and melancholic manner. On top of that, we get a sophisticated switch to so-called ‘ethereal wave’.

One peculiar feature that catches ears for sure is Carla’s ability to switch between boney post-punk and ambient synth music with no effort at all, making it a coherent continuum both in sound and atmosphere. Working by subtraction, a distinctive trait of her music still remains the huge role given, by contrast, to details, emphasized to excess.

As a matter of fact, being so lethargic and hypnotic, she mirrors her fragilities into guitar delays of the most intimate and gloomiest kind and readapts everything to fit nowadays panorama. Recommended for spending time alone and in the end, very difficult to resist.

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