Club Late Music and HEEL.ZONE – GUN​-​X01 | HZ#00FF00 Review

Club Late Music (CLM) and HEEL.ZONE presents a collaborative compilation called GUN-X01 / HZ#00ff00 giving birth to three tracks, by seven different producers. In fact there are no solos here but only collaborations. This is an extremely attractive idea, compared to how usually labels release their own compilations. This time its two labels joining forces on one compilation, and the result of the fusion of ideas from artists form both sides is majestic.

Kuthi Jin and BUNGALOVV sign the first track and it’s a great combination of their broad influences: distorted synths hook leads organic-sounding drums that eventually devolve into the horror and chaos of monstrous growls, samples and a powerful, crunching bass line.

“Empty Handed” ( by Krolik and Tendre Ael) is, at beginning aggressive and powerful as a black hole, then, once the listener is captured, it opens up to a sort of new dimension where everything is floating at the mercy of the sampled vocals.

For the last track, “Ryu”, we have three producers collaborating: Grig, Oroboro and Shayu. Putting so many different minds in the making of one track could be dangerous, sometimes. But this is not the case. Chaos is easily dominated with surgical precision, blending haunting organic sounds with bowel-stimulating saturated basses and shattered rhythmic patterns.

In the end, the only defect of GUN-X01 / HZ#00ff00 is that it’s far too short. A real pity not to have the possibility to listen to more combinations from these outstanding producers,  hoping to have more in the future!

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