Croatian Amor – All In The Same Breath Review

Loke Rahbek, aka Croatian Amor and co-founder of Posh Isolation, has always been a multifaceted artist. From The World to Genitalia Garden, Love Means Taking Action and Isa, probably his best works, the Danish producer has constantly strode a twofold path, mashing dark and solemn hymns with ethereal and delicate sound mats, sometimes choosing an ambient approach, sometimes an industrial and noisy palette.

On Genitalia Garden, for example, Loke reset moods after almost every track, creating a collage of very different sounds and tones. Meanwhile on Love Means Taking Action and Isa, he went for a more decisive overall mood, taking more gothic and darker palettes from Arca and Throbbing Gristle and mixing them with dream-like sequences.

These features have always fascinated me and brought me to wonder why Loke had never scored a film: the various sides of the Croatian Amor project would fit perfectly in a dystopian sci-fi act or the more dramatic sequences of an Ari Aster movie. And, yet, the most delicate parts of his albums would be perfect for any Hollywood blockbuster that needed an epic and meditative ambient score. On All In The Same Breath, Loke seems to explore this side of his creation.

The album starts with “New Morning”, a refreshing and tender opening that sets the mood for the album. “Yoyogi Park” (the album’s single), “Young” and “Jonathan” use the same ethereal synths against a more uptempo beat, without the claustrophobic tones of his previous release. The second part of the LP slows down the pace for a more contemplative tone. “No End to New Moments” (one of the album’s high points), “All In The Same Breath” and the outro “The River That Flows In You Also Flows In Me” embody perfect cinematic themes: delicate, solemn, thoughtful and epic at the same time.

All In The Same Breath shows one of Croatian Amor’ many sides, one made of wonder, composure and pure light.

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