Croatian Amor & Varg2™ – Body Of Carbon Review

Body Of Carbon is the latest collaborative project by Loke Rahbek (Croatian Amor) and Jonas Rönnberg (appearing here as Varg2™ for reasons that you probably already know and if you don’t just google it mate), released on Posh Isolation. The last time they joined forces for an album was back in 2018, when the two talented producers released Body Of Water, an excellent ambient EP full of positive and relaxing energy. Well, Body Of Carbon is different. 

The four tracks EP hits the listener with a whirlwind of pounding kicks and dehumanized sounds. The soundscapes that the two Scandinavian producers draw are dark and violent. The eponymous track, grime-ish and stuffed with sharp and raw samples, is an ever-accelerating adrenaline rush in constant evolution. Its end merges almost seamlessly with “God’s Face In The Water”, an obscure ambient piece that recalls the apocalyptic universe of Chino Amobi’s Paradiso.

Moving on to “Tell Your Tale To The River”, the listener is forcefully pushed back on the doomish dancefloor that characterized the first track, only to be than uplifted by the last piece, “God’s Face In The Fire”, in a powerful and emotional crescendo until the very end of the album.

Body Of Carbon is an explosive kaleidoscope of different sounds and influences, but it’s profoundly cohesive in its mood and energy. Futuristic visions and primal impulses coexist harmoniously in what can be described as the perfect soundtrack for a dark ritual performed in a deserted skyscraper.

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