dj lostboi – the blue stallion Review

First discovering dj lostboi on HE4RTBROKENS’ seminal compilation in 2018, I was struck by their style. In the midst of heavy deconstructed club tracks, their ambient emotional sounds permeated through; their track “fuck me im famous” sitting so well amongst heavy club hitters such as SCINTII’s “Glasshouse” and Endgame’s “Halloween Riddim”, offering an ambient interval on this stacked project.

Serving us their first solo release back in 2017, GOT LOST allowed
their melancholic post rave sound to stand alone. The EP was their affirmation as a quintessential underground producer. January saw the release of The Flash, a collaborative LP alongside Torus. The split LP sees the contribution of four tracks each, proving their symbiotic sonic relationship. A mere two months later dj lostboi gave us the blue stallion.

Their first solo release in three years, it is mature and reflective, delving deep into lostboi’s production capabilities. Referential as always, they
stretches and builds upon so many pivotal artists’ hooks. Short and sweet, the blue stallion provides a four-track narrative of major sombre content.

Kicking the EP off with “montenegro”, we are immediately taken into lostboi’s ethereal world. Soothing sounds accompanied by disruptive loops guide you into their sonic identity, echoing slowly out and leaving you wanting more. The EP continues to build in similar formats, with
gentle synths woven into filtered vocals.

Each track is more welcomed than the last, growing in
ambient intensity.” L.T.B.” is the stand out track of the EP: it reveals the blue stallion as an ode to influential artists such as ECOO2K, Robert Miles and Playboi Carti. “No Time” gets dissected and stretched to be almost unrecognisable, while familiar melodies and Carti’s vocals in the distant background are layered as Robert Miles’s iconic trance hook is looped towards the final crescendo.

The power of dj lostboi’s production is ever present in this recent release. Conjuring an emotive listening state whilst allowing the audience to tap into personal memories. the blue stallion is a solid EP; consistent, warm and gushing. It’s rare to find a body of work that evolves the more you listen. This is somewhat lostboi’s signature and I can’t wait to hear more.

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