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Heart is the very first musical attempt for visual artist Jesse Kanda, also known for his works with FKA twigsBjörk, and Arca. Under the name Doon Kanda he released his first Ep on January, 20 through Hyperdub Records.

“I’m more interested in what’s perceived to be repulsive when there really is no reason for it. The inside of our body is much more beautiful than the skin that coats it, yet we’re afraid of it”. This is how Jesse partially describes his approach when it comes to visual arts, and we can tell he tried to do something similar stepping in the music world, because of the unsettled and off the wall nature of the Ep.

There is a will of doing something different from his close friend Arca even though he doesn’t always succeed.  Ultra minimal and simple album cover. Nothing tightly in common with the aesthetics he worked on with Arca or FKA twigs but it still turns out to be blurred and anxious. Yes, Arca’s influence is strong indeed but it doesn’t limit the undeniable creativity of Jesse, music-wise. This first EP is definitely more accessible than Arca’s work. Despite the similarities, it moves toward new territories working on his own personality.  Everything sounds deformed, there is a mixture of chaotic moments and counter melodies and anxious-inducing beats. “The melodies are treated to cut you like a serrated knife, but hopefully they’re beautiful enough that you’d want to listen anyway”, he states. It sounds like being all alone in a dark room with nothing but a closed trapdoor.

Jesse guides the listener through 5 tracks which never exceed 3 minutes in length, between lovely beats and echoes of haunting solitude ( “Axolotl”) through the soft and screeching “Womb”, moving towards light and waving atmospheres without losing that sense of loss which in a way leads the EP and connects these five tracks, instantly trapping you in an intimate and gloomy valzer for 2:12 minutes (“Feline”)

“Heart”, in Jesse’s own words, is “losing someone you love and your self”.

Listen to the full Ep here :

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