Eartheater – Trinity Review

Eartheater Trinity Album cover

Now at her 4th record, the New York-based musician and performer Eartheater displays total mastery of her expressive medium as well as an uncommon talent, with an interesting change in direction towards a poppier and R&B shore, after a one-year hiatus only. Highly emotive and enjoyable, Trinity has been released October, 18 and it also enshrines the birth of the new Chemical X label.

Moving on from her previous heavier and more bashful IRISIRI, with this melted and vivid electronic music she now shows how her music can even find new and current declinations in a distended and floating sound, between art pop and alternative r&b. Syncopated drums, angel-like voices and chaotic overlaps provide this record with arousing shades and a fresh touch, making it flow like a river in flood.

Leit-motiv of the album is the ending of a relationship and loss, through an unusual trinity represented by the three states of water: liquid, solid, and gas, which act as different emotional states. Therefore, discovering Trinity is like experiencing water in different forms of material: tasting, touching and diving in it, inhaling its vapor and being freezed by ice. After all, a romantic and moving summer worked as a fuel for this record as shown by the constant references to the end of a relationship, suffering and sentimental void (‘Every drop in me gushes in your direction’, Water can put out flames but nothing can stop this day’)

Proficiently crafted ringing sounds, a pleasant pop film which is key in tracks such as ‘High Tide’, or the immersive ‘Supersoaker’, through emotive intrusions ‘Lick My Tears’, the beautiful ‘Preservation’ and the heartfelt closer ‘Solid liquid gas’ make this a standout album. On this release Eartheater seems to have found her perfect natural habitat, developing coherent ideas even when production takes a sharper direction, proving it to be the ideal context for her experimentation. Moreover, Trinity presents a structure climax with the last track being its emotive peak as well as the track which she’s probably more connected to, being the last track recorded for the album.

With an Alex Drewchin in a state of grace, we are gifted with her voice lingering between seduction and yearning. A confirmation of her multifaceted talent in an essential record that is definitely one of the best releases of the year so far.

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