Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn Review

After two years of “silence” (if touring like crazy can be considered so), spaced out only by the stunning remix he made of Björk’s “Arisen My Senses”, finally Lanark Artefax lands on Numbers. with a brand-new three-track EP. 

Picking up where he left after Whities 011 (also known as Touch Absence), with Corra Linn the Scottish producer inserts himself even more firmly into the long tradition of braindance-y breaks, pumping new blood into its veins while evoking some of the best experiences of the genre.

Specifically, Lanark here works on the combination of hyper-fast, cascading rhythms and essential, melancholic melodies, made with vocal synths (with the only exception of “Ferthenheap“, which relays mostly on the grand piano). Over these two core elements an incredible variety of sounds bounces off frenetically: piercing, whiplashed lasers, screeching bass-lines, field recordings and children’s vocal sample, create rich, ever-changing sonic textures.

However, the wonderful complexity of the tracks doesn’t forbid them from delivering their emotional content. On the contrary, the elaborate arrangements design a spatial dimension that enhances feelings and, by moving, end up telling a minimalistic story.

Corra Linn is, in fact, the name of a Scottish waterfall located in the Lanark area, which, as can be easily understood by his stage name, always picked Lanark Artefax attention (also, the homonymous novel by Alasdair Grey is his favourite book).  And the distilled tale that lies in every track seems the fruit of the long-term relationship the artist had with this specific place, with its landscapes and its history.  A narrative made of veiled childhood memories, mature readings, long walks and exploration, physical and imaginary, that passes you by in less than fifteen minutes, and yet feels like an entire life.

Being able to channel all of this in a work so superbly crafted, confirms Lanark Artefax as one of the most talented young musicians out there right now.

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