Laughing Ears – Metamorphosis 形变

The prolific year of the Shangai-based artist Laughing Ears continues with her CHINABOT debut EP Metamorphosis 形变.

These six tracks are far less explicit than her previous releases. The peculiar sound blocks building of each track is now mixed with a classical symphonic background, and the outcome sounds very much ethereal, but not less effective and impactful.

The first track of the EP, Unstable 变, signs the new path of the artist, with the incursion of the strings reminding of some post-rock hybrid, and a harrowing violin loop that cut trough epic ambient synths. The martial atmosphere explodes on the footwork beat of Resistance 反, where the artist seems to adjoin her alien attitude. After that the space more linear and claustrophobic, built block by block over martial and minimal drum patterns, trough the stately desolation of Melting 熔 and the disturbing bells of Inertia 堕, until the atmosphere becomes wider and shinier until the last track, Condensation 凝.

The quiet but military groove throughout the tracks, alongside the ethereal synths, contributes to reflect the feeling of a subliminal war going on, something that is not less epic and destructive than a real war, like a relationship between humans could be. Like she says: “If people can be seen as a medium in the world, the relationship between different people is a process of reaction. As an unstable individual, the process of contact with others means we can begin in a different direction.”

The EP doesn’t miss the aim of mirroring such a complex world, and CHINABOT is once again confirmed a guarantee label for new and game-changing avant-garde from Asia music.


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