migu – The Disappearance of Memories Review

Entering The Disappearance of Memories is like walking through a dark hallway enlightened by flashing neon. Igor Dubreucq, aka migu, is a French producer we suggest you to follow closely. Back from his last EP Path to Exile, out in mid September 2019, he lands in 2020 via Rest Now! with an excellent release.

As stated on Bandcamp, “migu projects himself through characters, giving them an identity, a voice, a story, as in the complex weave of science-fiction universes”. Following these sci-fi suggestions, the EP opens in a magical atmosphere, suspended between delicate keys and super sharp explosions with “Inera”. Deep kicks make an appearance along with distorted screams and vocal samples in “Slay Me”, resolving the tension in a fierce yet tender dimension. This seems to be the major point of connection with his previous release, in its softer essence and delicacy.  Midway through “Play with You” you lose your mind: a sanguine love-affair between more traditional techno shores and immersive experimental pop territories: a post-club banger that will resonate in your ears for days.

“The Disappearance of Memories’ represents the artist’s palette of emotions like a painful storm. Through the sizzle of the overdrive, he tries to describe the power one could feel when the body, love and memory disintegrate” . These words perfectly fit “Last Page”, truly the disintegration of memories and everything physical. Its nostalgic and touching vibe guides you towards the end of the journey, displaying melancholy and desolation. Initially bare before opening up with complexities, the touching closer “TTS” is the cherry on top of a fantastic release.

Everything sounds intense and framed in a crisp vision realized with five awesome watercolors. Elegant and charming, The Disappearance of Memories never lacks personality. Excellence between club and avant-garde tasty fruits, the result here is a fresh cocktail made up of dancefloor-oriented bangers as well as introspective and more intimate moments. As a consequence, migu is surely capable of producing a rounded and versatile release, mysterious and pulsating. Between hikes along techno territories and bird’s eye views of experimental pop, he expresses his very personal electronic and futuristic views. Already waiting for more to come!

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